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Go Daddy CEO Shoots Elephant, PETA Responds

The CEO of Go Daddy posted a video on his Twitter page that shows him shooting an Elephant in Zimbabwe and people are not happy. Bob…

Letters To The Press: For the Week of June 24 – June 30

Kudos to Nassau County authorities for the arrest and conviction of an admitted dogfighter [“Elmont Man Jailed for Dog Fighting,” June 14], and to the courts for sentencing him to jail time and a five-year ban on keeping companion animals.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Aug. 20 – Aug. 26

Nobody roots for the bad guy in movies. Whether it’s Jack Torrance from The Shining (hair was too greasy), Darth Vader (can’t stand people with asthma) or Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic (our definitions of a “bad guy” might differ a little). But Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen? Oh F yeah.