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Sleep Deprivation Among Students at All-Time High

Sleep Deprivation Among Students At All-Time High

The Shake Weight. Adult footed pajamas. The Slap Chop. Late…


A Look Inside The Immunization Dilemma

The 1952 polio epidemic was one of the largest and…


Not Pro-Ana: The Online Sisterhood of Eating Disorders

With a Little Help From My Friends: A look inside the online sisterhood of eating disorders

GMOs in Food: Genetically Modified Food & Our Kids

She calls it Franken-food, genocide. Strawberries grown from seeds injected with DNA from arctic flounder fish to make them frost resistant. Seeds pumped with suicide…

The Death of Cursive

Toby, 21, was an honor student at Walt Whitman High School in South Huntington and is now a biology major at Stony Brook University. His prospective landlord hands Toby a lease to sign. His signature? He has none. He scribbles his name.