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Weezer Frontman Hospitalized After Upstate Bus Crash

The lead singer of the alt rock band Weezer suffered minor injuries when the group’s tour bus hit some ice, skidded across the New York…

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Nov. 5 – Nov. 11

What kind of process is there for naming children? I don’t have kids (that I support—get a job you bums!), so what’s the deal? How did Nicole Richie and That Idiot from That Band come up with Harlow Winter Kate and Sparrow James Midnight? “Let’s take a made-up word, add a season (winter depresses me—damn the rich and famous!) and then put an actual name.” And she has to live with that. Do you think little Harlow Winter Kate is getting picked for varsity cheerleading? Because if you do you obvi don’t know what it takes to bring it.

Two Teens Robbed On Oceanside Street

Two teenagers were robbed on an Oceanside street on Saturday night, Nassau police said. The two 15-year-old boys were near the Fulton Avenue School when two…

Dry Martino: Leaving SUNY Morrisville

The smell of nicotine was still thick on my fingers as I put my hands to my face and thought for a while about where I was, and how I had gotten there when the train stopped. The time had passed so fast, as it always does. Nobody ever really appreciates the little moments; no matter how hard they try, until they are in the rearview mirror. Things look so good when you look back on them.

This Is The Island On Drugs

Dr. Colin Goddard, CEO of OSI Pharmaceuticals, is taking his ball and going home. Well, not home exactly. He’s going to his new home in scenic Ardsley, NY, in Westchester County. Matt Crosson, head of the Long Island Association (LIA) said it was a “rational decision.” Bruce Stillman, CEO of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, ever the pragmatist, hopes to birth another biotech company that will stay closer to home. New York State Sen. John Flanagan (R-East Northport) is just happy they stayed in New York.