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Long Island Weddings: Unveiling The Big Day

Confessions of a Wedding Waitress Think the bride has it bad? It’s nothing compared to the suffering endured by the wait staff on The Big…

North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System to Improve Environmental Sustainability of 12 Hospitals

The North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System will incorporate a number of environmentally-sound practices into daily operations at the 12 hospitals it manages across Long…

North Shore Paramedics Go Under

Streaks of red, blue and amber lights cut through the darkness as sirens pierce the early morning air. An ambulance races to a nursing home to treat an elderly man who has been seizing uncontrollably. But the crew on board doesn’t have the necessary medications, since emergency medical technicians (EMTs), who make up an ambulance’s response team, can’t adminster them. The crew is forced to call in more specialized personnel.

Had this scenario unfolded several weeks ago, paramedics from North Shore-Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Health System’s

No longer. Since Labor Day weekend, the decade-old paramedic program is no more, due to a recently expired contract. The loss creates roadblocks for many pre-hospital healthcare providers and could mean a slower response time for Islip residents needing crucial time-sensitive emergency aid, say many of those on the ground responding to the calls, the majority of whom wished to remain anonymous for this story since they are currently employed by the town.