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Nobel Peace Prize winners Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, left,  Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee, center, and Tawakkol Karman of Yemen, right, take the stage at City Hall in in Oslo, Norway Saturday Dec. 10, 2011. The peace prize committee awarded the prize to Karman,  Johnson-Sirleaf and Gbowee for championing women's rights in regions where oppression is common and helping women participate in peace-building., (AP Photo/John McConnico)

3 Women Accept Nobel Peace Prize

Three women who fought injustice, dictatorship and sexual violence in…

Long Island, Circa 2009

The snow started falling on a December Saturday this year, the first snowfall of 2009. And instead of being a dusting and another instance when…

This Is Embarrassing

I’ve grown accustomed to people thinking I’m something of a dope but every once in a while, when they least expect it, I surprise them…

Nobel Award in Hand, Obama Gets Back to Work

By Ben Feller, Associated Press Writer With a Nobel Peace Prize in hand, President Barack Obama is returning to the grind of governing, refocusing on…

Yes He Can…Yes He Can

I got the news at 5:04 a.m.

The vibrations of my BlackBerry, which I sleep with, clutched in my hand, woke me up.
The face of my BlackBerry read, “CNN Alert.”

I quickly pressed the button and this came up: