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Off The Reservation: You Like Us… You Really Like Us!

This week, Long Island Press publisher and Off The Reservation columnist Jed Morey talks about cleaning up at the New York Press Association awards ceremony,…

Long Island Press brought home New York Press Association's top prize, the Stuart C. Dorman Award for Editorial Excellence

Long Island Press Wins Awards

Long Island Press wins the prestigious Stuart C. Dorman Award…

Letters To The Press: For the Week of April 8 – April 14

We KNOW you hate Barack Obama, and the whiny bit is getting old. Every issue it seems it’s the same thing. The topper was when you recently lamented about how “Obama’s new taxes” were going to force you to abandon your Hamptons oceanfront house for a villa in Tuscany. Wow, dude, life’s got to be real tough for you. Pardon me for my total lack of sympathy. But I do have the number for the local Waaaahmbulance. Should we send it over?