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Living With Lupus

Christine Miserandino was a dancer at the High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts in NYC (the “Fame” high school) when she sensed there was something wrong with her health. “I kept getting hurt,” she remembers. “How do you sprain your ankle ten times, and hurt your knee every week?”

Play Ball!

Kyle Meier is 5 1/2 years old. He’s been through more than 12 surgeries in his short life, more surgeries than the majority of us will have in a lifetime. Two lifetimes. Kyle was born with multiple birth defects including proximal femoral focal deficiency: He has no thigh bones or hip joints, resulting in severely short stature. He was also born with Pierre Robin Syndrome (PRS), a rare condition characterized by a small lower jaw, cleft palate and a tendency for the tongue to “ball up” in the back of the mouth. He also has a tracheotomy. By definition, Kyle is severely disabled, but he is also like millions of other kids.

Dr. Helen McCarthy

There are no arcs of electricity crackling in the air or bubbling beakers of phosphorus-colored chemicals flowing through glass tubes, but there is serious work being done in the laboratory and classroom at Pharmacy Technician Enterprises, Inc. (PTE), a Lake Ronkonkoma-based school founded in 2004 by Dr. Helen McCarthy.

Liana Rosenman, Becky Allen, Kristina Saffran

I was struck by the beauty of their skin. Rosy, smooth, full of life…healthy. My preconceived notion of what a former anorexic would look like went right out of my head when I met Liana Rosenman, Becky Allen and Kristina Saffran. The girls are from different Long Island towns and counties but even with the distance that separates them, they are the very best of friends who met while they were being treated for anorexia at North Shore LIJ Hospital.

Lisa Mancini-Johnson

Lisa Mancini-Johnson began her career as a physical therapist and opened her Hauppauge-based physical therapy and wellness center, Body In Balance, in 2000. The center is now home to the first collaborative wellness program for pediatric cancer patients on Long Island.

Lisa’s willingness to help others has had a great impact on her life and career. “As I evolved as a clinician my practice has evolved,” she says proudly.

Wendy Mikkelsen

Wendy Mikkelsen of Lloyd Neck was a stay-at-home mom who prided herself on the healthy eating habits she had instilled in her four children. As a triathlete, she knows the importance of a balanced diet and the added benefits of including organic and natural foods. So when she picked up her older son from football practice and he got into the car eating a Danish, it really struck a nerve with Wendy.