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War on School Junk Food Goes To Court

Snackdown: War on School Junk Food Goes To Court

The vending machines in Levittown’s two high schools stood stocked…

Fortune 52 Networking Event

Hundreds of business professionals, entrepreneurs and non profits came together Monday, Sept. 21, to honor and acknowledge the most recent group of extraordinary LI women who are highlighted each week in Beverly Fortune’s column, Fortune 52.
The beautiful Tilles Center in Brookville was the event host and Vincent’s Clam Bar and A Taste of Home Bakery provided dinner and dessert.
As the Fortune 52 events continue to grow, we would like to thank all who attended for helping support our local businesses and not for profit community.

Wendy Mikkelsen

Wendy Mikkelsen of Lloyd Neck was a stay-at-home mom who prided herself on the healthy eating habits she had instilled in her four children. As a triathlete, she knows the importance of a balanced diet and the added benefits of including organic and natural foods. So when she picked up her older son from football practice and he got into the car eating a Danish, it really struck a nerve with Wendy.