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Turf War

Is SCPD Playing Politics By Leaving FBI’s LI Gang Task Force?

Vanessa Argueta couldn’t find a babysitter for her 2-year-old son,…

Ex-Gang Leader Gets 60-Plus Years in Prison

The head of a violent Freeport street gang was sentenced following a lengthy retrial to more than 60 years in federal prison on Friday. Ledwin…

Cops: 3 Gang Members Collared for 2 Murders

Three Hispanic men who are members of the violent street gang Mara Salvatrucha, more commonly known as MS-13, murdered two men and shot a teenager…

Gangs of Long Island: Rape. Drugs. Murder.

Gang violence is on the rise across Long Island, admits at least one top elected official, and law enforcement efforts to rein in its culture can best be described as a sub-war in itself. For those trapped in the culture’s web—a net cast even for elementary schoolers—life can be a seemingly endless cycle of tragedy, despair and anguish, with an untold number of victims.