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Whitney Houston Sparkles: The Final Interview

Whether or not audiences applaud the vibrant sounds and Motown style dynamic girl group nostalgia of Sparkle when the remake of the 1976 original hits…

dark knight

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Warner Bros, Rated PG-13 2   1/2 stars While most comic book movies are all about beating up villains when not beating…

‘Entourage’ Movie in the Works?

Since Entourage signed off HBO a year ago, there have been plenty of rumors suggesting that the hit show may be making its way to…

‘Avatar’ Blasts Off With $232.2 Million Worldwide

James Cameron launched his science-fiction epic Avatar into a safe orbit as the costly film soared to No. 1 with $73 million domestically and $159.2…

’2012′ a home run with patriotic fans in China

BEIJING (AP) — When the apocalypse comes, China will save the world. Or at least that’s how Chinese audiences are interpreting “2012,” Hollywood’s latest blockbuster disaster movie.

Sweetness Shines Through In Hybrid ‘Paper Heart’

You could think of “Paper Heart” as sort of a benevolent version of the Sacha Baron Cohen model, with its mixture of documentary and fiction….