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Long Island Restaurant Week: Prix Fixe At Its Finest

Sunday 11.7 through Sunday 11.14 Long Island Restaurant Week A Google search for “Long Island restaurant” returns more than 10 million results, and with openings,…

Eaters Digest: From Better to Wurst

Reststar, the same restaurant group that made French food friendly (Bistro’s Cassis/Citron, etc.), Argentinean accessible (Café Buenos Aires) and breakfast funky (Toast and Co.) now presents “Belgian Alsatian” at Moules et Frites in Syosset. Labeling it as a “biergarten bistro” attempts to say it all.

35 Long Island Restaurants Offering Free Gift Cards

It wasn’t long ago that gift cards had a reputation for being thoughtless, impersonal, last-minute gifts. It also wasn’t long ago that we were wearing neon blue spandex, a side pony tail and singing Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” into a hairbrush. Times change. You can now get a gift card tailored to every personality, for just about anything. And to really get you in the giving mood, many restaurants are offering free additional gift cards for you when you purchase them for someone else—in case you need a little help getting in the giving spirit, or as a reward for being the wonderful, thoughtful person you already are. You’ve probably seen the promotions for Applebees and Outback Steakhouse already—buy so many dollars worth of gift cards, get a bonus card. But there are dozens of local eateries offering the same deals, they just aren’t advertised. Luckily, you don’t have to search them out. We did all the work for you.

Half A Dozen New Eats on L.I.

Opened on Nov. 17, they call themselves a “biergarten and bistro.” Expect varieties of mussels, fries, sausages and the requisite burgers in the location that previously housed Pomorodino, Penang and another half-dozen ventures in between. The house has been done up to look like a Bavarian chalet.