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Interview: Leonardo DiCaprio & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Though Leonardo DiCaprio tends to be the more action-oriented tough guy in movies as opposed to emotionally intense thesp Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they seemed to be…

Inception Movie Review

Reviews are ideally an assessment of a film’s value as entertainment or enlightenment. They should never be a guide when attempting to figure out what in the movie’s world is going on. Such is the case with Christopher Nolan’s mind-over-matter blockbuster Inception, a confounding riddle of a story where the characters are lost inside one another’s dreams without a clue.

Interview: Michael Caine

Michael Caine isn’t just taking down the bad guys in the generation gap revenge thriller Harry Brown. The British seasoned screen star has also been…

Movie Review: Harry Brown

While geeks have monopolized the big screen as unlikely wimps turned he-men and superheroes for some time now, if Daniel Barber’s senior slasher spree Harry Brown is any indication, old geezers would like a turn too. Warning: Trying this homicidal revenge out in the real world is not recommended, especially for those prone to chronic cardiac conditions and advanced arthritis.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Aug. 27 – Sept. 2

You know, you’d think that with today’s economy, airlines would try to offer a little more hospitality. I try to light a cigar—the stewardess tells me I can’t smoke on planes. I love smoking in cramped areas full of people. I demand we watch Fievel Goes West as the in-flight movie—the stewardess tells me nobody likes it. It’s my favorite movie!