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Christmas Ornaments For The Green, Trendy–And Slightly Disturbed

So at first we decided to forgo the office Christmas tree. We got out our string of LED lights, wrapped them around the head of our beloved mascot, Pressley the Panda, and called it a day. But a synthetic panda head doesn’t smell like pine. So, we came up with a better idea—a real, sustainably grown tree with recycled ornaments. Our choice? The dozens of cardboard cozies we’ve been hoarding from our Massapequa Perk coffee addiction. But hey, not everyone downs gallons of organic Ethiopian coffee per day and saves their trash to a degree worthy of a reality show on the A&E channel. So for the rest of you, here are some alternatives.

Vote For Us!

We’ve all heard the line “Just to be nominated is an honor,” and in this case it really is. This year’s Best of L.I. finalists were chosen from a record-breaking pool of nominees. Only the top made it to the final round, and now they’re flaunting it.

Panera Bread made flyers. Levittown Lanes has it on their scoreboard. Iavarone Brothers has it printed on their shirts. The best of the best are out there campaigning for your votes, and this year the race is so close, the nominees are getting more creative than ever. Can you blame them?

Everything You Know About Coffee Is Wrong

The wait staff of Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill squeezes past burlap sacks and Rubbermaid containers filled with coffee beans that take up the majority of the kitchen, as Dwight Amade, the Hampton Coffee Company’s master roaster, talks about growing up in Grenada, watching his grandfather roast beans in an old metal oil drum. His words are barely audible above the jet-engine roar of the roaster—an 8-foot-tall machine that transforms raw coffee beans into the brown beans with which most coffee drinkers are familiar. He suddenly interrupts his childhood reminiscences to walk across the room. The din of the roaster has not prevented Amade from hearing the slight, popcorn-like crack of the beans, an indication that the coffee is almost done.