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Super Bowl Prop Bets: Super Bowl Side Bets

5 Super Bowl Prop Bets To Keep Things Interesting

DUBIOUS PROPOSITIONS 5 Prop Bets to Keep Things Interesting on…


Pat Manocchia: Who is Pat Manocchia?

Ever since Madonna opened her own gym, people want to know where she learned her fitness regime. Pat Manocchia is one of the people who…

Don’t Worry, I Play Baseball So I Can Grope Women

The gym I go to a few days a week is absolutely chock full of meatheads. Now, I have nothing against bodybuilding or having deltoids the size of a cantaloupe or so many veins bulging out of your neck that it looks like you have straws under your skin. I’m talking about the guys with the facial hair chin straps who grunt even when they walk and drop weights on the floor. And holy crap is the place I go to full of them.

Top 5 Videos Of The Week

Taylor Swift staring—for an entire five minutes—and muttering ‘oh my god’ over and over as thousands of teen girls screamed for her—for an entire five…

Madonna Stage Collapses, One Dead

he roof of a stage being built for a Madonna concert in the French port city of Marseille collapsed Thursday, leaving one worker dead and nine injured, city officials said. The roof at the Stade Velodrome stadium fell apart on top of several workers.