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Off the Reservation: Mad As Hell

It’s a race to the bottom in this year’s mid-term elections and the bubbling cauldron of discontent is spilling into the streets. As the negative…

The Last Airbender Movie Review

After twilight comes night. That’s true on a daily basis as the sun sets and the moon enters our field of vision, and it’s also true in the movies, where the third Twilight film—Eclipse—saw a release last Wednesday and an opening gross of more than $160 million. Sitting in its shadow is Night—M. Night Shyamalan, to be specific—and The Last Airbender, an exotic 3-D battle of the boys blockbuster hitting theaters two days later.

Summer 2010 Movie Previews

. While summer is the season prized for absolutely nothing—as in vacation getaways, school recess and scaled back aspirations—it’s the time when Hollywood always kicks…