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The van Steenberge Brewery

Like many others of its kind, this brewery originated from a plough land farm, which was also engaged in brewing beer for its own consumption. The first time this brewery was mentioned on paper was in 1784 under the name of Brouwerij De Peer. It is very likely, however, that there had been a brewery long before that time but that the farmer, John Baptist De Bruin, a native of the village St. Kruis Winkel, located not too far from the brewery, did not leave any written documents behind until that point in time.

International Beer Expo

The biggest names in international brewing are returning to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 for the second annual Long Island International Great Beer Expo. This year’s international beer tasting extravaganza will include more than 20 countries, more than 50 breweries, and showcase more than 100 beers from around the globe. Each country will provide samples of their proudest brewing achievement. Shoulder-to-shoulder with some of America’s best breweries—including many Long Island’s favorites—will be amazing beer from Japan, Germany, Nicaragua, Canada, Indonesia, Trinidad, France, Belgium, Australia, India, Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, New Zealand, China, and others.