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Pat Manocchia: Who is Pat Manocchia?

Ever since Madonna opened her own gym, people want to know where she learned her fitness regime. Pat Manocchia is one of the people who…

Freya St. Johnson: Freya St. Johnson Dating Liam Neeson?

Freya St. Johnson, an English businesswoman, was spotted with Liam Neeson in New York City on Tuesday, the New York Post reported. While there has…

Movie Review: After.Life

Directed and co-written by first-time feature filmmaker Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, After.Life seems to delve into everything you may or may not have wanted to know about what exactly takes place in your local funeral home’s underground mortuary while preparing the recently deceased for burial. For some viewers, that may not be their cup of embalming fluid.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Oct. 22 – Oct. 28

Pop culture drama has been so uninspired lately. Jon and Kate Gosselin are still getting divorced? You don’t say! Lindsay Lohan is fighting with Samantha Ronson again? Get out! Something something something Michael Jackson? (*Sticks hand out, bends wrist*) Girl, he ain’t never goin’ away. Heck, some idiot flew a giant balloon made of tin foil and even he got on the news. Well push the imposters aside and bury Michael Jackson ladies and gentlemen (he smells like a rusted amusement park covered in eggs), because Mel Gibson is back. Homophobe, anti-Semite and alcoholic? FINALLY we can have some real headlines: “Drunk Gibson hijacks bus of gays, crashes into synagogue.”