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Long Island Press - Volume 9, Issue 38

Suffolk County’s Bloodless Coup

What a difference a few dozen words can make—especially when…


The Future of Long Island Explored In New Report

Imagine: a deepwater port on the North Shore, possibly where…


Peter King’s Speech: Long Island Congressman’s Muslim Radicalization Hearings

Heated words still expected after first round of King’s Hearings

Long Island School Budgets: Tax Dollars Go to Work

By Spencer Rumsey Threats of job cuts and wage freezes. An onslaught of school budget repudiations of historical proportions. That’s what happened in New Jersey…

Lucero Verdict Will Change Upcoming Elections

The manslaughter verdict is in and the Jeff Conroy case is closed, but no one knows when the court of public opinion will adjourn because the immigration issue remains very much alive in this divisive election year.