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The Conversation: Lindsay Lohan

Long Island’s prodigal daughter has once again run afoul of the law after being on probation and failing a drug test. Now she may face…

Letter to the Press: For the Week of June 17 – June 23

The Long Island Press once again almost completely swept the weekly newspaper contests at the Press Club of Long Island’s media awards on June 10 (sorry, local weeklies), in addition to one of our reporters being named rookie of the year, for a total of 17 honors.

The Conversation: Beach Etiquette

Sunny relaxation. Cigarette butts. Clear blue skies. Boomboxes cranked to 11. Rolling ocean waves. Men in Speedos. The beach is quite possibly the most double-edged…

Letters To The Press: For the Week of April 8 – April 14

We KNOW you hate Barack Obama, and the whiny bit is getting old. Every issue it seems it’s the same thing. The topper was when you recently lamented about how “Obama’s new taxes” were going to force you to abandon your Hamptons oceanfront house for a villa in Tuscany. Wow, dude, life’s got to be real tough for you. Pardon me for my total lack of sympathy. But I do have the number for the local Waaaahmbulance. Should we send it over?

The Conversation: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber: Merely saying his name in conversation causes teenage girls the world-over to scream, cry and lose control of their motor functions. He’s caused…

What People Find When They Google Long Island

We know who we are. We are an island of dreamers. We sent men to the moon and Charles Lindbergh to Paris. We inspired Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and the poetry of Walt Whitman. We are Nobel Prize winners and an American president. But to those looking at us from the outside, the Internet tells a different story.