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Megan Fox Interview

Whether she’s got to learn how to handle robots or rowdy gunslingers on saddles for her latest film, Jonah Hex, Megan Fox is ready and…

Jonah Hex Movie Review

Out the same day as Toy Story 3 and an alternative for those with a preference for dark movies sans sugar, Jonah Hex is a blast from the past as it storms into theaters with a vengeance. The total opposite of cuddly cowboy Woody, Josh Brolin, as the titular supernatural gunslinger, is a very different kind of settler, dodging bullets across the Deep South, settling both old scores and new ones that may not even exist.

Summer 2010 Movie Previews

. While summer is the season prized for absolutely nothing—as in vacation getaways, school recess and scaled back aspirations—it’s the time when Hollywood always kicks…