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A Christmas Carol

If you’re a moviegoer who feels that you aren’t getting nearly enough of your Jim Carrey fix these days, be prepared for a little overkill. Carrey juggles not only assorted English and Irish accents in the new and not so improved Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. He also voices at least eight of the characters, including the elder Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge as a Young Boy, Scrooge as a Teenage Boy, Scrooge as a Young Man, Scrooge as a Middle-Aged Man, the Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The bad news is that Carrey in his eagerness, is completely unrecognizable in emaciated and beaknosed Scrooge parody makeover, as he melts irrevocably into his multiple personas.

Jim Carrey + Schizophrenia – Visuals = Success

I’m excited for the upcoming remake of A Christmas Carol, the timeless tale of an old man who gets dementia ODs on some Amy Winehouse-esque pill concoction is visited by three ghosts who tell him to stop being an a-hole to everyone. I remember seeing it at Radio City Music Hall when I was a wee lad and enjoying it thoroughly, but coming away with one bit of constructive criticism–it needed way more Ace Ventura. And whaddaya know? Disney’s went and got Jim Carrey, star of such recent cinematic landmarks as The Number 23 and Yes Man, to help them milk the holiday teet. Alllllllllllllrightythen.

Dry Martino: Lowbrow

Last month my friends Marc and Jodi and their 11-year-old son Noah came to visit me for a couple of days. They live in New…