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Prom Parties Revive Social Host Law Debate

The smells of suntan lotion, beer and sweat filled the…

Letters to the Press: For the Week of May 27 – June 2

By definition, a chameleon is a lizard of the old world family with the unique ability to change its colors according to the expediency of its situation. Some political candidates will say or do anything to win an election. They will buy a home in a neighborhood based on the strategic significance of the district rather than on a heartfelt desire to live there; they will embrace an ideology based on the trends of their potential constituency rather than as a result of long held convictions; they will use their money to buy public endorsements rather than to earn a legitimate following.

The 8th Annual Power List

The eighth annual Long Island Press Power List underscores a tenuous time for Long Island. The Madoff effect poured salt in the wound of a…