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What People Find When They Google Long Island

We know who we are. We are an island of dreamers. We sent men to the moon and Charles Lindbergh to Paris. We inspired Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and the poetry of Walt Whitman. We are Nobel Prize winners and an American president. But to those looking at us from the outside, the Internet tells a different story.


Evolutionary Road

The sight of a rotary phone confuses them, but they can write a text message faster than you can blink. They are young enough to know everything there is to know about Google, but old enough to feel the pain of a recession. They are a generation caught amidst waning old-school values and free Internet porn.

As the youngest children of the last vestige of Baby Boomer parents, they have been coddled by a generation that read Dr. Spock and screamed through Beatlemania. And those experiences have led to the upbringing of a generation of Trophy Kids.