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‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’ Part of Eisenhower’s Movie Series

Grab a blanket and some popcorn because outdoor movie night is back at Eisenhower Park this summer. Earlier this week Nassau County announced that movies…


Interview: Sam Rockwell

Conviction isn’t the first time the multi-talented Sam Rockwell has…

Interview: Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson

While Robert Downey Jr. can be as elusive as Teflon when dodging enemies in Iron Man 2, pinning him down during a press interrogation can…

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Returning to the screen in excessively ostentatious self-congratulatory mode, the over-wrought and flashy Iron Man 2 could have used a bit of oiling to smooth out its more than clunky attitude. Turning up again less as a sequel than as footage retrieved from the first film’s cutting room floor, Iron Man 2 virtually discards back story for brashly assumed bragging rights. And while crafting the hyperactive follow-up in lazy mode, director Jon Favreau and screenwriter Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder) seem to have forgotten that show-and-tell spectacles need to show as well.