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Nothing But Net: The Net At Night, October 2010

The worst part about fall, besides the increasingly cold temperatures and bizarre enjoyment people get from watching leaves drop off trees (whoopie! dead foliage!), is…


From Friendster To MySpace To Facebook: The Evolution and Deaths Of Social Networks

Before Facebook, before MySpace, before Friendster even, Keith

Nothing But Net: Let’s Go To The Netflix

When I was in middle school, I spent many a Friday and Saturday night at the Commack Multiplex. My parents would drive me to the…

Letters To The Press: For the Week of July 22 – July 28

Last week, thousands of Optimum subscribers across Long Island and beyond lost e-mail access for more than 24 hours, bringing Web-reliant businesses to a halt. Without any immediate information from Cablevision, angry customers used the Press site to vent. Here’s what they had to say:

Cyberbullying on Long Island

For Jamie Isaacs, the torment began in second grade at Wenonah Elementary School. A group of girls would repeatedly yank her hair and stab her with sharpened pencils. Sachem Central School District officials did nothing to stop the abuse, her family alleges.

Nothing But Net: Lost is Dead, Long Live Lost

One hundred twenty-one and a half hours. That’s how long the entire six seasons of Lost span. Do you know how long that is? You…