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Sweet Hollow Road

Long Island Haunts: 13 Creepiest Haunted Places on Long Island

Originally the ancestral home of Native Americans and later settled…

Letters to the Press: For the Week of July 1 – July 7

I hope the people win back their right to public drinking water [“Water Wars,” June 17]. Never a fan of the bottled water craze. When in Rome I did as the Romans have done for centuries: drank from the public faucets around Rome. The trip was great due to the one simplest thing—my water bottle (aluminum) was full.

Letters To The Press: For the Week of June 24 – June 30

Kudos to Nassau County authorities for the arrest and conviction of an admitted dogfighter [“Elmont Man Jailed for Dog Fighting,” June 14], and to the courts for sentencing him to jail time and a five-year ban on keeping companion animals.

Off the Reservation: Recognize This

In a stunning revelation this week, the federal government has concluded the Shinnecock Indians are indeed Indians. The lightning pace at which they arrived at…

Letters to the Press: For the Week of May 6 – May 12

Immigration (both legal and illegal) seems to be a popular topic for the publisher and editors of the LI Press and for many good reasons [“Crossing the Border,” April 22]. One important point should be made first and foremost. Odds are that at least half and more likely 75 to 80 percent of your readers who can point to three or more generations of Americans as ancestors probably have at least one who came here illegally.

Off the Reservation: The Lighthouse Project Casino

The Shinnecock Nation is set to finally receive federal recognition. This status gives the tribe the ability to apply for a Class III gaming license,…