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Guatemala City Sinkhole: Guatemala Sinkhole Pictures

A massive, intersection-spanning sinkhole formed in a northern Guatemala City, Guatemala in the aftermath Tropical Storm Agatha.  A security guard was killed when the sinkhole…

Guatemala Sinkhole: Giant Crater Opens in Guatemala City

A gigantic sinkhole, larger than a city intersection, has opened in the northern part of Guatemala City, Guatemala, after the region was battered by Tropical…

The Death of Josseline Hernández

From Marcelo Lucero to Steve Levy, there may be no more talked-about issue on Long Island than immigration. It is a divisive issue, a galvanizing issue, an issue that voices on both sides of the aisle debate emphatically, loudly. But immigration is not a political hot button or a point on which to take a stance. It’s not even an issue, really: It is millions of individual lives, lives so rarely recognized amid the chorus and the chaos.