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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

East West is a mash-up of all things counter culture, providing Long Islander’s with the best in footwear, streetwear and lifestyle brands since 1997. From Penfield jackets to vintage Air Jordan’s (yes, re-issues too if you don’t want to break the bank) East West has the perfect gifts for hip folks on your holiday list this year. If you are looking to dress up someone’s wrist this year, why not pick up a limited edition Mr. Cartoon X G-Shock watch.

Gift Guide ’09: Games & Gadgets

Desktop computers stay at home all the time, so if they aren’t the most appealing looking things, not many people will notice. But laptops? They’re made for portability, and no matter how hard you try to hide in the corner of a library or coffee house, people are going to glance at them. Apple’s MacBook Pro, built from a solid piece of aluminum, screams minimalistic and sex appeal at the same time.