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Grammy’s Drops 30 Categories

One of America’s most watched awards show is getting an overhaul. The Grammy’s will be dropping more than 30 categories, in its biggest overhaul in…

Mark Ronson Plays Music Hall of Williamsburg

Monday 10.11 WILLIAMSBURG Mark Ronson and the Business Intl. @ the Music Hall of Williamsburg 66 N. Sixth St. 212-486-5400. $22-$25. 9 p.m. Mark Ronson’s…

The First Annual NBNnnys

Two thousand and nine was a banner year for the Internet, if that banner is covered in ads for car insurance and home mortgage refinancing, “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward” stickers and shitstains from the Twitter bird. What better way to remember the ups and downs and spam e-mails trying to enlarge my penis that my dad forwards me than with the First Annual NBNnnys? I’d like to thank all those who helped me narrow down the hundreds of NBN features to these winners: my Ouija board, a bottle of Percocet and my magic 8-ball.