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Veteran’s Day Quotes: Veteran’s Day History and Quotes

Veteran’s Day is a holiday that began to evolve after World War I. Even though the “Great War” (what World War I was named at the…

Veterans Day NM

Veteran’s Day: Veteran’s Day Quotes and History

Most people think of Veteran’s Day as a day off from work, but this is a holiday with history that goes all the way back…


From Friendster To MySpace To Facebook: The Evolution and Deaths Of Social Networks

Before Facebook, before MySpace, before Friendster even, Keith

Paul the octopus: Psychic Octopus Picks Spain to Win World Cup Final

Paul the octopus has predicted that Spain will beat the Netherlands in the final this Sunday to win the World Cup. Germany’s oracle made his…

NY Auto Show: Porsche Fuses Fuel Economy and Function in Cayenne S Hybrid

Nothing makes the engineers working in Stuttgart, Germany happier than putting one of Porsche’s vehicles on a strict diet. At the 2010 New York International…

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Sept. 24 – Sept. 30

The perks of being a journalist are few and far between—the closest I’ll ever get to my dream Aston Martin is the other side of a velvet rope during the press day of the NY Auto Show. But one plus is that people assume you’re an absolute monster of the English language. I can make up words and people are afraid to call my bluff. Vulexinard? It means soft-spoken—don’t tell me you didn’t know that. Also, did you know I won every spelling bee in middle school? I didn’t, but question it and I’ll spell onomatopoeia so fast you’ll forget what nouns are.