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Turf War

Is SCPD Playing Politics By Leaving FBI’s LI Gang Task Force?

Vanessa Argueta couldn’t find a babysitter for her 2-year-old son,…

Long Island Press, Volume 9, Issue 35

Bloods Attempted Takeover of a Long Island Indian Reservation Smoke Shop

It was Sunday, shortly before daybreak, last Labor Day eve…

Nassau Police Invite Parents to Lecture Series

Nassau police this week kick off a “Parental Educational Series” aimed at educating parents on gang awareness, Internet child exploitation, “sexting,” slang for texting sexually explicit images, as well as heroin and drug awareness.
“Parents are the first line of defense in many instances,” Nassau police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey said in a statement. “Educating parents about the dangers that children face and the signs of symptoms of things such as heroin and drug usage can only help our children in the long run.”

Locked Up

In early 2006, Melvin Daniels was a 20-year-old cocaine dealer for the Prospect Piru set of the Bloods in Westbury. The young man known as “Maniac” had seven years on the streets at that time, when an undercover narcotics detective with Nassau County police picked him up. After surviving what he describes as the “kill-or-be-killed” gang life, he began a three-and-a-half-year stay behind bars. He awaited trial in the relative comfort of Nassau County Jail surrounded by people from the community, then was convicted and sentenced to hard time in a medium-security upstate prison. Later, he was transferred to the maximum-security Elmira Correctional Facility after he slashed another inmate, a member of a rival gang, in the face and chest.

Hula Is The Future Of Organized Crime

Here on Long Island, in New York and along the entire East Coast in general, our organized crime is no joke—there’s gangs, the Mob, women networking groups and so on and so forth. On the other side of the country, though, things work a little bit differently. While we worry about drive-by shootings and being fitted with cement shoes before being given a tour of the bottom of the Hudson, they worry about missing high tide and how long the line is at In-N-Out.

Cops: 3 Gang Members Collared for 2 Murders

Three Hispanic men who are members of the violent street gang Mara Salvatrucha, more commonly known as MS-13, murdered two men and shot a teenager…