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McCrudden Pleads Guilty To Threats Against Feds

Vincent McCrudden, a former commodities broker and hedge fund manager,…

3 Accused in Suffolk Sex Slave Ring Held Without Bail

The registered sex offender and his sister who investigators accused along with a third man of forcing illegal immigrants to work as prostitutes at two…

Nassau Liable For Strip Searches

O’Day, the charges against him dropped, was just one of approximately 17,000 people who were arrested, charged with misdemeanors or non-felony offenses and strip searched at NCCC between May 20, 1996 and June 1, 1999. His case is part of a consolidated class action brought against Nassau County, its sheriff’s department and others, open to all who fit this bill. Now, all these arrestees can expect a pay day, compliments of county taxpayers. A damages trial September 8 at federal court in Central Islip will determine just how much that is.