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Jerry’s Ink: The Flying Egg Sandwich

This is a long lost column. I found it one Saturday afternoon a few years ago. I had a roaring fire going in my library….

Egg Sandwich Conclusion

Time to “bring it home” as they say. I have been extremely pessimistic about our immediate economic future and critical of the claim that the recession is coming to a close. In fact, I wholeheartedly believe that once the stimulus funding runs out, the recession will deepen, unemployment will rise for the next couple of years and interest rates will climb.

The Egg Sandwich Will Save Us – Part 1

I like my banker, Scotty. We are close in age, entering our supposed “prime earning years,” raising young children and living the Long Island dream. He’s Patchogue, I’m Glen Cove. We forgive each other this.

The reason I enjoy talking to Scotty is that I appreciate his take on things. He calls it like it is. Prior to the complete collapse of the banking system last year, he and I were having lunch and lamenting the state of the local economy. While the entire country had not yet gone to hell he pointed out that out of nowhere his morning egg-and-cheese sandwich and cup of coffee were closing in on $10.