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Awesome Gifts for Awesome Kids From Kidz Entertainment

Imagine a cuddly, adorable stuffed animal that can also be used as a muff to keep your hands warm on those cooler days or a…

Report: New York City Public Schools May Be Manipulating Grades

Education officials in New York City are concerned that some public schools may be manipulating grades to cover up lackluster performance. The New York Times…

EdTech: Why Can’t Elroy Blog?

“Meet George Jetson. His Boy Elroy. Daughter Judy. Jane his wife.” – Jetsons Theme Song, 1970 The question for today is: Why are we spending…

EdTech: Looking for Sputnik

Welcome to the first installment of EdTech. This column will focus on the developing and proper use of your tax dollars via the combination of education with technology. Technology has always been used in education, from the early days of chalk and a board to the days of PowerPoint and the bored (students). I have been in Higher Education for almost 25 years. I am admittedly a technophile, but I rarely use technology in the classroom.

Epic Denial

Not that anyone would know it from taking a look around the packed room at the Heroin Summit in Nassau’s legislative chamber on July 28, but there are still some out there who are trying to distance themselves from the epidemic. Namely, school officials.

The Death of Cursive

Toby, 21, was an honor student at Walt Whitman High School in South Huntington and is now a biology major at Stony Brook University. His prospective landlord hands Toby a lease to sign. His signature? He has none. He scribbles his name.