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New Revelations in Nassau County Police Crime Lab Scandal

Four Nassau County police officers watched as Leon McCoy drove…

Copiague DWI Suspect Arrested After Near-Collision With Cops

A Copiague man was arrested Tuesday night for driving while intoxicated on the Southern State Parkway after nearly colliding with a New York State police…

Top 10 Long Island News Stories of 2009

There have been countless news stories impacting Long Island this year, but only a few that stand out as the defining moments of 2009. We…

Drinking And Driving Gets A Bad Rap

In addition to keeping people abreast of the latest and greatest stuff on the Internet (while simultaneously imposing a communist China-like ban on anything involving two women and one drinking apparatus), “NBN” also does a little community service from time to time. It volunteers at soup kitchens (never-ending soup, salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden), gives a scholarship to one lucky high schooler (which I expect fully repaid plus 90 percent interest) and sponsors a stretch of highway (the exit 73 entrance ramp on the L.I.E.).