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The Conversation: Lindsay Lohan

Long Island’s prodigal daughter has once again run afoul of the law after being on probation and failing a drug test. Now she may face…

If You Like To Skateboard, I Hope You Never Have Children

Skateboarding is a cool sport at the professional level. Seeing guys drop off a nearly vertical ramp and accelerate to high speeds, only to go straight up and whirl through the air before landing smoothly, is endlessly entertaining. One of the few books I’ve actually enjoyed reading was Tony Hawk’s biography, because he was very much a child star, but instead of doing every drug he could get his hands on (Drew Barrymore), becoming a fat, bearded douchebag, making sex tapes and starring on the worst reality TV shows ever to be green-lit (Dustin Diamond) or dating the ugliest “woman” alive while simultaneously giving credence to the idea that redheads are the spawn of Satan (Lindsay Lohan—kioli!), he skateboarded his ass off and made the sport what it is today.

Saturday Night Live: Terrible Now, Hilarious Then

Who watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend? I had to TiVo it because I went to see Couples Retreat (OMG SO HILARIOUS) and then drank Bud Light Lime while listening to the new Dane Cook CD (SuFi!!!). But when I watched it Sunday morning, oh man, it was so funny I spit Toaster Strudel all over my TV! Drew Barrymore is, without question, the funniest woman alive. Whether it’s directing, acting or binging on drugs and alcohol at age 9 improv, she can do it all. And the sketches? Laugh Out Loud (LOL)! Just hang on one sec while I tie this noose a little tighter…