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This scene from South Freeport is just one example of the sheer destruction Hurricane Sandy unleashed on Long Island. (Michael Conforti/Long Island Press)

Letter From the Publisher: Hurricane Sandy and Long Island Press

Sandy lived up to all of the superlatives ascribed to…

The scene outside Checkers Drive-In on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa following a visit from Hurricane Sandy. (Christopher Twarowski/Long Island Press)

Long Island Press Editor: We’re Here For You

It’s an eerie feeling, driving from town to town, village…


Sands Point Preserve is Being Destroyed by the Group Entrusted to Protect It

With Friends Like These… Friends of the Sands Point Preserve…

Eye of the Storm

Mammoth waves engulf entire neighborhoods, washing away roads and homes. Devastating winds and pounding rain wreak havoc, maximizing the destruction. Left in the storm’s wake are billions in damages and an immeasurable loss of life.

It’s a horrific scenario, but one that is a very real possibility. Though Long Island has remained, for the most part, unscathed throughout this year’s hurricane season, experts warn we’re not out of the woods yet. According to the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center, the Atlantic hurricane season lasts until November 30—and peaks from mid-August to late October—meaning, we’re in the middle of its most historically ferocious period