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Long Beach officials say: No swimming when lifeguards are off duty

Beach Warning: No Lifeguards, No Swimming

No lifeguards, no swimming, no joke. That’s the message Nassau County officials hope to send to children in Long Island and New York City public…

“Parents Trust Me, I’m From The Government & I’m Here To Help”

In 1995, the public trust was violated when the New York State Education Department decided to change the special education system without holding the required public hearings. A great deal of time has passed and a question arises. Is there a moral and/or ethical imperative to demand a review of the state’s actions?

NYS Department Of Education: Albany’s Kremlin

You have a child with autism and he needs a specific program with intensive services. You go to your school district’s committee on special education meeting and your district agrees that the program is appropriate and generates an IEP (individualized educational plan) for your child. The school district sends the placement information to the State Education and the placement is denied. What can you do as the parent?