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A Letter from the Press’ Editor-in-chief

“Tell me something about Elvis.” That’s how my housemate Jared answered a phone call one afternoon in early 2002. I didn’t know it at the…

Keyed Up: The Black Keys' Brothers was one of Dave's favorite albums of 2010.

Look Back: Press Rock Critic Dave Gil de Rubio’s Favorite Music of 2010

As the various outlets for disseminating music have become more electronically driven (blogs, YouTube, FaceBook, video games, etc.), fandom has become more segregated. The changing…

CD Review: Big Star, Keep an Eye on the Sky

For a band that barely released three albums, it seems odd that it would be the beneficiary of a four-CD box set. But then again, this is Big Star we’re talking about, an act not unlike New York City brethren the Velvet Underground, who have also been the subject of intense devotion from rock critics and a cult fanbase.