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Long Island Concert & Event Calendar April 5-12, 2012

Scroll down to bottom for venue location and information. PIT BULL @ RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL Going to a Pitbull concert is like going to…


Watain Descends Upon NYC

As black metal evolves into newer and weirder terrains, Sweden’s fearsome Watain continue to toil in the same poisoned ground from which the music first grew.

Thomas Gabriel Fischer (center) fronts Triptykon, who will play Manhattan's Gramercy Theater on October 6.

Interview: Thomas Gabriel Fischer, aka Tom G. Warrior, of Triptykon, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer

Thomas Gabriel Fischer, aka Tom G. Warrior, is the frontman of Triptykon and architect behind the black-metal band’s first full-length masterpiece, Eparistera Diamones, which was…

Sonic Boom: Ear-plugged In At The Immortal Show

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life—many more than I can remember, many more than I can count—but until 2008, I had never worn earplugs to any of them. Not one. None. Like, I stood in the front row, pressed against the stage, against Marshall stacks, for performances by some of the loudest bands in the world, and I had no protection from the assault being committed upon my eardrums.

Rock The Bells 2009

Ah, a perfect hip-hop world. Unique regional styles from the far reaches of our fine musical nation would all mingle in harmony. Mainstream artists would share the stage with underground legends. Pioneers would be appreciated by the same audiences that admire the off-beat, experimental styles of up-and-coming and niche artists.