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Long Island Schools Struggle With Rise In Teen Suicides

LI Schools Struggle With Rise In Teen Suicides

For Lynn Hunter* the suicidal thoughts began in 9th grade…

Case of Tuberculosis at Commack High School

A person at Commack High School has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, the district announced on its website Tuesday morning. The person, who can’t be identified…

Commack Student Sent Home for Aunt Jemima Costume

A white student at Commack High School says he was sent home for dressing up as a black Aunt Jemima for Halloween. Dean Jeziorkowski says administrators…

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With nail salon regulations not being strictly enforced, some women may go into nail salons seeking beauty and leave with potentially life-threatening infections.

According to a local dermatologist, if you get a break in the surface of the skin, whether on the hands or feet, and there are unsanitary conditions at the nail salon, there would be potential for infectious agents such as bacteria, fungus or virus.