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Centereach Starbucks Incident Finds Justice Via Blog

Earlier this week, Missy Alison took to her family blog…

Starbucks to Offer Free Coffee for Earth Day

Friday will be a big day for coffee lovers. Starbucks announced they will serve free coffee or tea to anyone who brings in a travel…

Employers: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

I was in our company’s lunchroom the other day observing as some of my colleagues stopped by to have a cup of coffee. We have one of those pod coffee makers where you can select your caffeine of choice, which I happen to prefer over the shared coffee pot system.

The Short List

While Georgio Testani is a roaster first and foremost, he and his wife Lydia brew an impressive cup of coffee. Testani recently premiered the only siphon bar on LI, which he uses to prepare many of the more exotic coffees he roasts. Siphon pots are heralded by many coffee enthusiasts as the best way to prepare drip coffee and are a sight to see. The premium beans and excellent preparation make this our choice for the best brewed coffee on Long Island. Besides the excellent coffee that he serves up, his shop is a museum of coffee equipment, with machinery ranging from pulpers to antique roasters to hand mills.

Everything You Know About Coffee Is Wrong

The wait staff of Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill squeezes past burlap sacks and Rubbermaid containers filled with coffee beans that take up the majority of the kitchen, as Dwight Amade, the Hampton Coffee Company’s master roaster, talks about growing up in Grenada, watching his grandfather roast beans in an old metal oil drum. His words are barely audible above the jet-engine roar of the roaster—an 8-foot-tall machine that transforms raw coffee beans into the brown beans with which most coffee drinkers are familiar. He suddenly interrupts his childhood reminiscences to walk across the room. The din of the roaster has not prevented Amade from hearing the slight, popcorn-like crack of the beans, an indication that the coffee is almost done.