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Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Anne Hathaway Watched Cats on YouTube for ‘Catwoman’ Role

Every actor prepares for each role in a different way. For Anne Hathaway, who is playing Catwoman in the final movie of the latest Batman…


Health Ledger: Is “The Dark Knight Rises” Cameo True?

The rumor that Heath Ledger’s Joker will be returning for The Dark Knight sequel has officially been squashed. Click here to view more pictures of Ledger…

The Conversation: Inception

Sequels. Three dimensions. Explosions. These are the things typical summer movies are made of, and precisely the things Inception is not made of (OK, it…

Interview: Leonardo DiCaprio & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Though Leonardo DiCaprio tends to be the more action-oriented tough guy in movies as opposed to emotionally intense thesp Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they seemed to be…

Inception Movie Review

Reviews are ideally an assessment of a film’s value as entertainment or enlightenment. They should never be a guide when attempting to figure out what in the movie’s world is going on. Such is the case with Christopher Nolan’s mind-over-matter blockbuster Inception, a confounding riddle of a story where the characters are lost inside one another’s dreams without a clue.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Aug. 27 – Sept. 2

You know, you’d think that with today’s economy, airlines would try to offer a little more hospitality. I try to light a cigar—the stewardess tells me I can’t smoke on planes. I love smoking in cramped areas full of people. I demand we watch Fievel Goes West as the in-flight movie—the stewardess tells me nobody likes it. It’s my favorite movie!