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Ashton Kutcher in "Two and a Half Men"

‘Two and a Half Men’ Premieres: Sheen Funeral and Kutcher Arrives

“Two and a Half Men” premiered Monday night and Charlie Sheen’s TV death became official. CBS said goodbye to Sheen with a funeral filled with…

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s Kids: “Losing”

When Charlie Sheen finally emerges from his very public meltdown, he may find that the war he has waged on CBS will seem like a playground squabble compared to the fight for his parental rights.

Jerry’s Ink: Was Lewis Carroll on Crack?

One of the great challenges of being a parent or a grandparent comes around this time of year, when every grade school and high school…


Peter King’s Speech: Long Island Congressman’s Muslim Radicalization Hearings

Heated words still expected after first round of King’s Hearings

The Charlie Sheen “OD” Lottery

Charlie Sheen is going to die. No one wants it to happen, but no one can stop him. There is nothing you or I can…


Top 10 Most Talked About Celebrity Stories in 2010: Year In Review

10. Cheaters Out of the Closet—The big scandal at the end of 2009 was Tiger Woods’ affairs with a couple of women—and his wife attacking…