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Jim Thome to Sign with Phillies

Twenty years in Major League Baseball apparently isn’t enough for Jim Thome. The slugger agreed to a one-year contract, reportedly worth $1.25 million with the…

Former Met Luis Catillo Released by Phillies

Well, Luis Castillo just can’t catch a break. After being released by the New York Mets to the pleasure of Mets fans across the state,…

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Nov. 5 – Nov. 11

What kind of process is there for naming children? I don’t have kids (that I support—get a job you bums!), so what’s the deal? How did Nicole Richie and That Idiot from That Band come up with Harlow Winter Kate and Sparrow James Midnight? “Let’s take a made-up word, add a season (winter depresses me—damn the rich and famous!) and then put an actual name.” And she has to live with that. Do you think little Harlow Winter Kate is getting picked for varsity cheerleading? Because if you do you obvi don’t know what it takes to bring it.