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Long Island Bus - Long Island Press - Volume 9, Issue 41

Coming Soon To Long Island Bus: Higher Fares, Longer Waits, Fewer Routes?

The Rocky Mountains are far from Robert Cole’s mind as…


Seeing Red: Long Island’s Controversial Red Light Cameras

While making a left turn onto Uniondale Avenue from Jerusalem…

LI State Senate Races: Zeldin Ousts Foley, Johnson-Martins a Close Call

One of Long Island’s two Democratic New York State senators lost their bids for re-election Tuesday while the other is in a contest that is too…

This Is The Island On Drugs

Dr. Colin Goddard, CEO of OSI Pharmaceuticals, is taking his ball and going home. Well, not home exactly. He’s going to his new home in scenic Ardsley, NY, in Westchester County. Matt Crosson, head of the Long Island Association (LIA) said it was a “rational decision.” Bruce Stillman, CEO of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, ever the pragmatist, hopes to birth another biotech company that will stay closer to home. New York State Sen. John Flanagan (R-East Northport) is just happy they stayed in New York.

Mutiny For Our Bounty

Albany is gray in every way. Everything is negotiated in the margins, written in invisible ink or sketched in shades of gray. Having spent several years living upstate I can tell you also that Albany is quite literally black and white, like the movie Pleasantville.