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Best Music of the Year: Top 50 Albums of 2011

The buzz of insignificant musical matters of the past year—ranging from reporting on what seemed like Justin Bieber’s every move to the state of Beyonce’s…

Ke$ha tops Mike's lists of the second-best albums of 2010 (which are, in fact, listed in no particular order)

Sonic Boom: The (Second) Best Albums of 2010, Part 1

The runners up for Mike’s Top 10 of 2010, featuring Beach House, Watain and…Ke$ha.

Essential Long Island Albums

When I first set out to make a list of the best albums by Long Island artists, I had originally planned on doing a Top 10; but then I realized, this is Long Island, and just picking 10 artists would be virtually impossible, so I threw out the numbers and just listed albums.

Sonic Boom: Reviews: Shearwater, Les Discrets, Titus Andronicus, Frightened Rabbit, Marina & The Diamonds

Last week in this space, I brought to you the March edition of this “Pirate Guide”—the “Sonic Boom” feature wherein I offer brief reviews of a host of new records—and promised that I would return post haste with a second installment, because my words had gotten away from me, and my space had too soon run out.

Best Reissues and Box Sets of 2009

Even as music trends may dictate that most people lazily gravitate towards downloading music, nothing can take the place of the tactile experience of thumbing through a well-annotated reissue or a deluxe box set brimming with photos and the reams of recording information only a music geek could love.

Sonic Boom: Relics

For all intents and purposes, my actual CD collection stopped growing in 2005, when I realized I would never actually need hard copies of music anymore. So if you were to leaf through all those boxes of CDs—approximately 4,000 discs in all—you would find they stop dead, chronologically speaking, with, like, Common’s Go.