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Rep. King Hearing Begins On Muslim Radicalization

WASHINGTON — The stage is set for the first of a string of controversial hearings into the radicalization of Muslim Americans convened by Long Island Congressman…

U.S. Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton), foreground and his GOP challenger, Randy Altschuler, at a recent meet the candidates forum. (Joel Cairo/Long Island Press)

Midterm Elections: Congressional Races to Watch in New York

How the rest of the country votes next week for…


Workplace Sexual Discrimination on Long Island

As was her routine when cleaning restrooms, Sherry Alfano locked the door while she worked.

Movie Review: Casino Jack: The United States of Money

When investigative doc director Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room) embarked on his exposé of Capitol Hill crook Jack Abramoff, it wasn’t just the task of turning the convicted lobbyist’s nearly mile-long rap sheet into a two-hour movie that was daunting—there was also the challenge of getting the audience’s attention to watch a nonfiction movie. So Gibney did the next best thing: He crafted Casino Jack: The United States of Money as a brand new hybrid-action documentary.