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The Conversation: Drawdown of U.S. Military Forces in Iraq

In a speech before an organization of disabled veterans Monday in Atlanta, President Barack Obama, in keeping with his campaign promise, said that beginning next…

Jerry’s Ink: A Pity They Couldn’t Exchange Disasters

It’s not Barack Obama’s fault the BP oil well blew up. No matter what the media will have you believe, it was an accident and…

Letters to the Press: For the Week of June 3 – June 9

When I read Smithtown Committeeman Jeremy Pitcoff’s letter [“Letters to the Editor,” May 27] stating that the American people should attempt to decipher truth from fiction, I wholeheartedly agreed. I thought a good place to start was Mr. Pitcoff’s letter. I was particularly amused by his coupling of “fiscal responsibility, tax cuts” with regard to those who call themselves “conservatives” today.