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Interview: Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis may have built a solid reputation as a…

Movie Review: Red

RED 3/4 Summit Entertainment, Rated PG-13 Bruce Willis’ last outing, this summer’s The Expendables, found him amassing the star power of Stallone, Rourke, Jet Li,…

Summer 2010 Movie Previews

. While summer is the season prized for absolutely nothing—as in vacation getaways, school recess and scaled back aspirations—it’s the time when Hollywood always kicks…

Movie Review: Cop Out

Not exactly a law-enforcement match made in heaven, Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as a devilishly delightful down-and-dirty detective duo in Cop Out aren’t that bad, either. Add to the bawdy brew director Kevin Smith, who releases the couple’s inner zany outlaws, and Cop Out is, well, a bit like Clerks with badges.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Aug. 20 – Aug. 26

Nobody roots for the bad guy in movies. Whether it’s Jack Torrance from The Shining (hair was too greasy), Darth Vader (can’t stand people with asthma) or Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic (our definitions of a “bad guy” might differ a little). But Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen? Oh F yeah.

Bruce Willis > Ashton Kutcher

Bruce Willis is the man, on so many different levels, I almost don’t feel qualified to type his name. He was in all four Die Hard movies, the first three of which are inarguably required viewing (both for their tagline and their advancements in the field of explosions) and the fourth of which was one of the best series refreshes of the refresh era. He was also in a ton of other awesome movies, like Lucky Number Slevin, The Sixth Sense, Sin City, The Fifth Element and on and on and on. His ex-wife goes and marries a douchebag guy 15 years her younger, but does Bruce get mad?